Growler Treat


A Great Combo Of Yummmmy Treats To Keep Those Tails Wagging...

1x Box

100% Natural Treats

A combination of different flavours and treats to tickle your dogs taste buds.

We have a created a box from some of our best selling customer favourites that are 100% natural, to give you the Growler Treat Box.

Packed with all natural treats, that are healthy and nutritious for your dog. The treats help to improve your dogs health and immunity.

The box has a varied combination from quick delicious treats to more robust chews. All great for every day treats between meals.

So what tasty treats are inside -

  • 1x Iberian Pigs Ear - 100% Pork
  • 1x Pizzle - 100% Beef
  • 2x Beef Biltong Pieces - 100% Beef
  • 1x Buffalo Trachea - 100% Buffalo
  • 4x Rabbit Ears - 100% Rabbit
  • 4x Chicken Feet - 100% Chicken
  • 1x Porky Snout - 100% Pork
  • 1x Buffalo or Goat Braid - 100% Buffalo / Goat
  • 2x Beef Tails - 100% Beef
  • 2x Hot Dog Sausages - 100% Chicken & Pork

Puppy stamp of approval 12 weeks plus.

Always supply fresh clean water and supervision required.

Any small changes, please email the team to see if we can accommodate your request and we will do our best.

All are our boxes are up to date and contain exactly what is in the box.

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