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1x Sachet Pack

100% Natural Yogurt Drink

A natural chicken flavoured yogurt drink made with a formula adapted for your dog, without sugar, lactose-free and 0% fat. 

Includes chondroprotectors, collagen and turmeric. Promotes hydration, improves joints and strengthens your bones. It provides the necessary nutrients for your furry, which together with the chicken, becomes a food that they love.

Promotes nutrition of articular cartilage

Yogurt with chondroprotectors, dietary supplements that promote hydration and nutrition of articular cartilage. In addition, they have positive effects on cartilage and the synovial membrane, which is why they are useful for reducing joint problems.

The use of chondroprotectors offers more benefits in dogs with mild or moderate osteoarthritis (OA), than in more serious injuries.

Osteoarthritis is the most common health problem among dogs of a certain age

A large number of dogs suffer joint pain, osteoarthritis, injuries, arthritis and deformations that in most cases compromise the joint. Joint pain is very annoying and causes postural changes and lameness, among others.
YowUp! Articulate is a supplement that helps prevent this type of problem. We recommend you visit a medical professional so that your furry, in parallel, receives a personalized treatment.

Collagen, firmness and elasticity

This yogurt also contains hydrolyzed collagen that contributes to the improvement
of the fabrics and slowing down the wear process.

In the same way that you do with an active yoghurt for yourself, with our yoghurt you will help to reinforce your intestinal flora, to increase the moisture of your ration and incorporate into your body essential micronutrients for the health of your dog, achieving a healthy and balanced diet.

A daily supplement that can be used in multiple ways as part of feeding. 

Daily Diet - You can use it in a light breakfast, at the time of the meal as a topper or a dessert, In the funny snack, as a snack when you play with him, at home or in the park or for dinner.

Snack - If you want a fun and healthy moment with your dog, there is no better snack than a yogurt that does not get fat, hydrates and provides rich and healthy nutrients. Spread across a LickiMat or stuff in a KONG for extra enrichment.

Ice Cream - You can freeze it and make very healthy ice creams, dose it into an interactive toy or in a mold. If you are going to make enrichment, you can incorporate the YowUp! as an ingredient, since they like it and It does not provide added sugar or lactose.

No added sugar, lactose free and 0% fat

The creaminess helps the palatability of the yogurt (improves its flavour), provides 88% humidity and fits fantastically with the hydration needs of our cats and dogs. Sugar and sweeteners are harmful to furry dogs, also those of natural origin such as honey or stevia. For this reason, we do not use sugar, sweeteners or sweeteners of any kind -neither natural nor artificial-. 

Lactose is a sugar found -naturally- in milk (just like fructose in fruit or honey). Our products do not contain lactose either. 0% fat, because we do not want to incorporate more calories than our furry ones have in their daily menu. It feels good and doesn't make you fat at all.

They love their taste!, which is also important

If eating is a pleasure for us, why not also for our furry ones? Incorporating our yogurt into your daily diet -whether mixed with dry feed or in another menu- helps stimulation, digestibility and improves the use of nutrients in your diet.

Natural ingredients and raw materials from Km0

Our range of yogurts has been made with natural ingredients formulated to improve your health, they are human grade and have been certified by clinical studies for consumption in petfood. All our yogurts have been made in Spain; from the selection of milk -from farms certified in animal welfare-, through its adapted formulation -carried out by our technicians-, to its fermentation and packaging. We control the entire production process.

Very practical packaging, 100% recyclable and flexible

Thanks to the practical format of our yogurts you can take it to the end of the world in your backpack and give it to them anywhere. Once opened, it can stand without cold for up to 48 hours, but it is recommended to store it in the fridge. There it will remain in perfect condition for 5 days. Remember that when you finish it you can put it in the yellow container.

Ingredients - Fermented dairy products (lactose-free yogurt) 90,2%, cereals 4,5%, boneless chicken 3%, pectin 1%, collagen 0,5%, dry oligofructose 0,5%, flavorings, glucosamine HCl 0,1%, chondroitin sulfate 0,05%.

Additives/kg: Vitamin E 200 IU

Suitable for all dogs, breeds and sizes.

Puppy stamp of approval 16 weeks plus.

Always supply fresh clean water and supervision required.

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