Veggie Dental Croc's


What A Snappy Snack...Healthy Too.

1x Croc in Sml or Lge

100% Natural 

Veggie Dental Croc's are a vegetarian, low in fat, all natural dog treat.

Highly digestible and gentle on dogs tummy's these chews are a great alternative to Rawhide. Gluten and grain free, but also sugar free too.

A great dental chew that have ridges and nubs to get in-between your dog’s teeth and massage the gum line to increase blood flow, helps reduce plaque and tater build up, and keeping a dogs mouth healthy.

Ingredients Sweet Potato Flour, Pea Flour, Vegetable Glycerine, Dried Brewers Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, Vegetable Oil, Algae 2%, Coconut Oil 0.4%. Fennel 0.3%, Green Tea Extract 0.3%, Parsley 0.1%.

Sweet potatoes are great for digestive health because they’re high in dietary fibre. They’re also low in fat and contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese. Also, a sweet flavour they’ll love.

Peas are amongst the healthiest veg for your dog. A great source of
vitamins A, B, & K. Packed with iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium. Rich
in protein, high in fibre. Over 70% of the composition is made up from sweet
potato & peas alone.

Brewer’s yeast is rich in antioxidants which can make your dog’s skin healthier and coat shinier.

Calcium Carbonate is added to pet food as a source of calcium, which is an essential mineral for dogs.

Algae Spirulina Spirulina as part of a dogs daily supplementation, you may notice a more lustrous coat, fresher breath, and better overall physical condition.

Fennel  Fennel has a host of uses and a minimal list of side effects, which makes it great for use with canines Amongst other reasons to use fennel, it is high in calcium and iron. Calcium is important when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

Coconut oil The lauric acid in coconut oil helps kill the bacteria that causes tooth decay and stinky breath in your dog's mouth.

Green tea extract. Catechin helps prevent tartar build-up by reducing gum inflammation, and reduces bad breath. Green tea extract is therefore a good way to prevent the progression of gum disease in both dogs and their owners!

Suitable for all dogs, breed and sizes. Great to use in training, as an after feeding treat, everyday chew and can easily be cut up in to smaller pieces. We advise the smaller for small to meduim and large for medium to large dogs.

Size approx. Sml 9.5cm x 6.5m or Lge 12cm x 8.5cm.

Puppy stamp of approval 16 weeks.

Always supply fresh clean water and supervision required.

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