Turkey Necks


Tasty Turkey To Tickle The Taste Buds...

1x Turkey Neck

100% Turkey

Turkey necks are air -dried to perfection to capture all the nutrients and flavour that make them a super tasty delicious crunchy treat that your dog will fine irresistible. Grain and gluten free, they are easy to digest and contain important fatty acids.

Turkey necks are considerably bigger than other poultry treats like chicken necks, so make for a more longer robust treat.   

Packed full of rich protein, low in fat and high in calcium, these tasty treats are nutritiously beneficial to a dogs health and are great at aiding with  healthy coat and strong joints.

Suitable for all dogs, breeds and sizes, but make a great treat for a medium to large dog.

Size approx. 20cm plus in length but depending on neck can differ.

Puppy stamp of approval 16 weeks.

Always provide fresh clean water and supervision required.

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