Soopa Watermelon & Apple Sticks


Looking for a delicious dog treat that's healthy too?

4x Sticks

100% Natural

Soopa Healthy Sticks are a hypoallergenic grain-free treat for the dog that loves to chew. Made using natural human-grade ingredients they help keep teeth clean and improve doggie breath. These treats are bursting with vitamins & minerals and health benefits. Simple, delicious, nutritious and best of all dogs LOVE them!

Only 79 Kcal per treat!

Integrating watermelon into your dog’s diet not only tantalises their taste buds but also infuses their body with essential anti-oxidants, while apples as well as being a crunchy treat, are also packed with vital vitamins and fibre, helping to fortify your dog’s digestive system. Plus, enhance your dog’s nutrition with the cognitive benefits of coconut oil’s MCTs – a straight forward change for an energetic, thriving companion. Simple, delicious, nutritious, and best of all, dogs LOVE them!

Without the need for artificial supplements, purchasing our delicious dental sticks can help give your senior dog the boost they need to keep them feeling as happy and healthy as ever before. 


Age 6 Months +
Kidney/liver disease
Low Immunity
79kcal per treat

Suitable for all dogs, breeds and sizes.

Puppy stamp of approval 6 months plus.

Always supply fresh clean water and supervision required.

Ingredients and Nutritional's: Whole Potato Flour, Veg Glycerine (non-palm), Tapioca Starch, Chickpea Flour, Cellulose Fibre, Yeast Products, Organic Coconut Oil 2.5%, Watermelon Powder 2%,  Apple Powder 2%.

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