Nova Duck Sauce


Something a little more TASTY...

1x 100ml Packet 

Nova sauce is a 100% Organic natural source of collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin.

Nova sauces are rich in collagen to help promote healthy skin and coat. Collagen is also shown to promote glossy fur, soft coat and strong nails in dogs and cats. Glucosamine helps to lubricate your pets joints for less painful movement and aid to reduce inflammation in the joints.  Chondroitin aids in helping to maintain and repair your pets joints.

Sauce is low in calories and help maintain and healthy balance diet.

Nova sauce is 100% natural so no added nasty ingredients. Tasty food doesn't always have to be packed with calories, for this reason, Nova sauces are low in calories but equally yummy. Nova sauce is useful to combat obesity, making a healthy diet attractive to a dog or cat. Sauce is great as a snack or as a treat replacement.

How to use the sauce.

  • An everyday food topper to spoil with dog/cat or increase appetite. 
  • Add on top of food, dry, wet or raw or simply mix into meal.
  • Use in  homemade treats.
  • Great to add to lick mats.
  • Add to a squeezy bottle to use as treats for training.
  • Low in calories so using as a healthy treat/snack
  • Add water to make ice cubes for warmer weather.

Nova Sauce is a great source of enrichment.

Adding Nova sauce to your pets diet is a great source of enrichment, that adds an exiting twist to your pets meal and treats time to help keep them engaged. If your pet has a habit of eating to quickly, our sauce has something that can help them in their interactive feeders to help slow them down to enjoy their food.

Ingredients: Duck bone broth, water, duck bones, duck liver 5.62%, guar gum.

Puppy stamp of approval 8 weeks plus.

Always ensure that a supply of clean, fresh water is always available.

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