Eco Duck


'Quack Quack'...

Made from 100% jute & genuine leather. The toys are filled, using a coconut fibre filling. A range of toys, which maximises your dog’s fun, is safe and natural to play with, while at the safe time being eco-friendly. These toys do not have a squeaker, are very strong, a great toy for interactive play, and are part of a popular movement for eco-friendly, chemical free, natural products.

Dead Duck Prey Toy. Prey drive happens when this duck comes to play. A strong leather body for grip and holding, makes this a great toy for interactive play. Scores high is tensile strength. 

Great for all dog breeds, shapes and sizes. Perfect for puppies through teething stage as jute rope and leather is a natural product they can get there teeth stuck into.

Size 34cm

Supervision is always required when playing with toys.

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