Christmas Meaty Strips


Nothing But Strips Of Meaty Treats!!! 

2x Sizes - Standard 9x Treats or 18x Large Treats

100% Natural Treats

A mix of all Christmassy flavoured Venison , Wild Boar and Turkey treats your pooch will love.

Wonderfully festive treats for your dog to munch on and enjoy Christmas Day.

Each Standard Bag contains -

3x Christmas Venison Meat Strips - 100% Venison

3x Christmas Wild Boar Meat Strips - 100% Wild Boar

3x Christmas Turkey Strips- 100% Turkey

* A Large Bag will contain double the treats, so perfect if you have 2 or more dogs.

Made from 100% real meat with no fillers, these treats are high quality 

Size approx. Strips 8-10cm

Puppy stamp of approval 12 weeks plus.

Always supply fresh clean water and supervision required.

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