Carneval Chicken & Turkey Treats


Over 70% Chicken & Turkey Meaty Treats...

75g Bag

100% Natural Treats 

A highly delectable meaty treats made from freshly prepared and gently cooked poultry mix and serrano ham.

Made in Spain using only 100% natural ingredients, this range of meaty treats offers something exciting to owners that is not only healthy but also incredibly palatable! The CARNEVAL range is made with serrano ham (a natural, air cured ham).

The treats are specifically formulated to be both palatable and nutritious with responsibly and highly digestible protein and is packed with 70% plus freshly prepared meat. These truly are a great treat that are extremely popular.

  • Oregano Oil - A natural anti-inflammatory with immune-supportive properties.
  • Rosemary - Rich in antioxidants for their immure system and antimicrobials for digestive support.

Size: 7mm - 7mm depending on shapes.

Ingredients: 35% Chicken Meat, 25% Serrano Ham, 13% Turkey Meat, Rice, Vegetal Glycerin, Green Peas, Sunflower Oil, Minerals, Beer Yeast

Puppy stamp of approval 12 weeks plus.

Great as a treat or as reward between meals as part of a balanced diet.

Always ensure that a supply of clean, fresh water is always available.

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