Calcium Bone


Chew it or Stuff It...

1x Calcium Bone

100% Beef Bone

A natural long lasting chew made from 100% Beef Bone. 

Dog’s have a natural chewing ability and Beef Bones are a great choice to feed and satisfy that habit. Beef Bones are a great long-lasting chew and perfect for large breeds and those with strong jaws. The perfect boredom buster and something that will keep them busy for hours, they can also be fed in-between meals.

Beef Bones are a great aid in dental care by helping remove plaque gathering on dog’s teeth. A natural tooth brush and great alternative to dental sticks. They help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

You can even stuff like a Kong with pate, peanut butter etc to add extra fun.

Beef Bones are an in-between Lamb Horns and Antlers, so perfect for teething in puppies.

Suitable for all dogs, breeds and sizes.

Puppy stamp of approval 16 weeks plus.

Always supply fresh clean water and supervision required.

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